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Introducing ChunkVault, the upcoming online backup solution specifically designed for safeguarding your Minecraft creations. Our mission is to provide a secure and efficient platform, whether through privately hosted instances or offering our dependable hosted services. As we work diligently to develop the full suite of features, including desktop clients, server plugins, and mods for seamless connection to private and public versions of our innovative "Vault Backend", you can already take advantage of our lightweight version, ChunkVault-Lite.

ChunkVault-Lite, hosted on, is designed for simple small world backups, operated via a user-friendly Python-based CLI tool. It's available for immediate use at ChunkVault-Lite, offering a free and accessible option for protecting your Minecraft worlds. Stay tuned for the launch of the complete ChunkVault experience, built on a robust Rust-based architecture, as we redefine Minecraft world protection.


  • ChunkVault Technical Write-Up

    Crafting Robust Minecraft Backup Tools

    In this article, Jake (our lead developer) will delve into the nitty-gritty of ChunkVault-Lite and Teller-CLI, explore the challenges imposed by Deta Space, and demonstrate how to set up and use these tools effectively.


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